Waikea Waters Transfroming The Bottled Water Industry

Waiakea Water wants its customers as well as the world community at large to understand that contrary to popular belief, all water is not created equally.

Most people give little thought to ph factor and the effect it can have on the human body. Drinking water that is the proper ph can go along way at supporting the health of tissue and cells in the body.


Ph is measured on a scale that ranges in number from zero to 14. Substances that are low on the scale are considered to be acidic and higher numbers identify alkaline substances.


Th majority of water that is available to consumers in grocery stores is acidic in nature and usually ranges from four to seven on the ph scale. This is where water from Waiakea is different.


Water from Waiakea is naturally alkaline with a ph factor of 8.8. This makes electrons available in the water that helps to rid the human body of sickness and disease.


Waiakea Waters is anything but the run of the mill bottled water company. The company operates in a manner that shows a commitment to sustainability and organically produced goods.


Ryan Emmons is the founder and chief executive officer for Waiakea Waters. Emmons spent parts of his childhood in both California and Hawaii. This allowed Emmons to develop a deep love for nature and clean living at a very age.


Water produced by Waiakea must travel through 14,000 feet of rock at the Mauna Loa volcano. At the Mauna Loa location, there are rain 360 days of the year which means there is naturally water that is constantly flowing and the location is not home to water that is merely sitting in an aquifer.


This Hawaii volcanic water is fused with an assortment of minerals like calcium and magnesium that is present in the volcano. Once the water has traveled its full route through the volcano and is ready for bottling it is then alkaline and filled with antioxidant potential.


It is these properties that make the volcanic water benefits worthy of bypassing the many other bottled waters on the market.