Vinod Gupta’s Engineering Knowledge

Running a business is a very serious and time-consuming matter. Balancing business and life can be complicated for some. Over time business persons find ways to run efficient businesses and balance out their personal lives and works. Vinod Gupta is a businessman that has found ways to go back to his roots in his endeavors in business. He was raised in a small village in India. He remembers life before he became successful, so he makes efforts to help people who are in the position that he was once in. He donates to organizations that helped him along the way and helps create programs for those that are in need. Vinod is also a known Advocate of Women’s Education.


One unique skill that Vinod Gupta possess is the skill to make something out of nearly nothing. When he graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, he started his career at a mobile home company. He was tasked with finding a list of all the mobile home dealers in the United States. While looking for the list, he found that it did not exist. Gupta realized that the need for a company that compiles list was very necessary. He started InfoGroup to give companies access to the list that they needed. He received a lot of business from various companies. Click Here for more information.


In 2010 InfoGroup was sold for $680 million. When he sold the company, he had accomplished a lot is that he started the company on a $100 investment. Nobody believed that the services that he was offering were essential. He is now a partner at Everest Group. Everest Group has benefited off of the business techniques and strategies that Gupta developed while he was working as the CEO of his own company. He continues to spread the knowledge that he has acquired over time.