Video Review: SteelSeries Senior Marketing Rep Tori Pugliese Praises The Great Promotional Efforts of the NewsWatch TV Team

If one has ever put any money into Internet advertising, then you know the results can, at best, be mixed. Sometimes there’s a return on your dollar and other times it feels like your money has fallen into a black hole from which it won’t be returning. But one thing you can do to make sure your promotional dollars are being put to good use: Ask other customers.

Tori Pugliese, a senior director of marketing at the company SteelSeries, has nothing but praise for NewsWatch, which is an award winning television program that focuses on consumers, technology and entertainment. SteelSeries specializes in creating high end wireless equipment and accessories for what their website describes as “hardcore gamers”. SteelSeries designs products specifically for esports or the kind of person who would spend $150 on a high end wireless mouse to shave precious seconds off their response times.

“The quality of the video was great,” Pugliese said about the work of NewsWatch. “We saw awesome distribution and we were able to repurpose it and use it in other channels like our social media and our press section. It was really helpful,” according to a Vimeo video that Pugliese appeared in. The segment that NewsWatch did about SteelSeries reached about 95 million households across the country and was seen in every market in the United States, according to the NewsWatch website.

NewsWatch began in 1990 and specialized in financial news. It has since grown to become a daily 30 minute show that airs on both the AMC network and all Ion Television affiliates. There have been more than 1000 episodes as of May 30th, 2018. Specifically, NewsWatch produced reviews on two separate SteelSeries products in order to help promote their gaming controllers and their headphones.

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