The Success of Rick Smith and the Reputation of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a name that is familiar to every correction agency administrator. It is one of the most appealing technology providers in the market. When it comes to communication services and solutions, Securus Technologies has acquired a huge reputation as the best providers out there. In the United States, especially in Texas, Securus Technologies has dominated the industry, and almost every prison and correction agency use the services of Securus Technologies.


However, the company isn’t in the market for that long of a time. They are located in Dallas, Texas, and have been providing communication services and technology improvements for just about more than a decade. They do not have that much of a history compared to the reputation they have acquired.


Richard “Rick” Smith, the business developer that is responsible for the company, being the Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the corporation, gave his opinion about the success of Securus. According to him, their philosophy is on point with what clients that are owners of facilities and correction agencies want from a technology provider.


According to him, every week, the team develops a new technology to improve, in some way or another, the services provided. This includes the addition of monitoring to the telephone services, which allows the staff to better control crimes inside the prisons and maintain order by monitoring calls when necessary. It also includes the addition of functionalities that use smartphones or tablets, as well as improving the quality of the communication whenever required.


The intensity and devotion that the staff of Securus Technologies has when updating their solutions and providing new ways of improving prisons, both for the staff and for the inmates, is the main reason why it has dominated the market since their creation.


Rick Smith stated that he will continue to push forward the creation of new tech.

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