The OSI Group Continues To Grow

Maybe another name change is in order. OK Industries? After all, it was Otto Kolschowsky who started it all, way back in the early 1900s. Well, it’s just a thought. The OSI Group stands proud as one of the largest food companies on Earth no matter what name is chosen. “That which we call a rose by any other word…” as the saying goes.

Naming rights, and indeed bragging rights, have been earned by OSI no matter how you choose to perceive it. The century long adventure has been the quintessential “Never Ending Story” thus far. With massive growth overseas, OSI Group shows no sign of slowing. In fact, they seem to be evolving day to day. With an ever expanding menu for the masses, OSI has chosen to break free of industry norms and protocol to forge ahead into uncharted waters. This is the way of all creative people. True innovation comes from the heart and soul, not from the business 101 handbook. There is no set of rules that will guarantee such astonishing success. We all know what the true, unwritten formula for success is: Hard work!

The OSI Group smacked that ball out of the park, then served everyone quality hot dogs to boot. That’s right, OSI makes food, and it’s dang good food. There are myriad articles online that can give dry, business like stats and cold charts with dull graphs to indicate progress, however, there is perhaps no measure to truly illustrate how much the OSI Group has succeeded. That all of their wonderfully creative products continue to sell is the number one indicator. That they continue to win prestigious awards around the world is yet another. What’s more is the fact that other tremendously successful food companies join the ranks of OSI via mergers and acquisitions. Are we all taking notes at this point, or is everyone just chowing down on scrumptious OSI produced chicken nuggets?

As already mentioned, The OSI Group menu is growing. From the humble day’s of Otto’s butcher shop in Chicago, of supplying mostly beef, OSI’s menu now includes virtually every food group and specialty food known to man. Having a world-wide demographic demands that the tastes and dishes be diverse; and they are. Check out their full range of meals and snacks, and prepare for a grumbling tummy, and don’t forget the napkin.