The Lowdown On Brazil And Felipe Montoro Jens’ Stance On It

In 2017, Brazil underwent one of their most troubling junctures. A study performed by the National Confederation of Industry revealed that their infrastructure is far from up to snuff. In fact, Brazil terminated 517 infrastructure jobs last year. As a result, both their savings and economy took a substantial hit. With Brazil now out $11 billion, their state is more critical than ever. What’s more, Brazilians are utterly dispirited by the nation’s turn for the worse. If Brazil carries on with their slipshod operations and blatant carelessness, the country will cease to exist. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Fortunately, Brazil’s shocking decline has prompted experts like Felipe Montoro Jens to come forth with some sound advice. After investigating the situation, Jens realized that Brazil’s finances, planning procedures, contractual agreements, technology, and business relations are all vulnerable areas. Jens is far from alone in his beliefs. Ilana Ferreira echoes Jens’ notions, claiming that Brazil’s “poor quality work” reflects “poor planning.” What’s more, Ferreira maintains that technical issues are far and away the biggest problems Brazil is facing. Until Brazil agrees to revolutionize their operations, their traditional methods will continue to plague the system and thwart infrastructure efforts.

According to Felipe MontoroJens, there are other ways Brazil can fix their problems. Improving planning procedures, offering training, setting financial parameters, and bolstering interpersonal relationships are all feasible solutions. Unfortunately, not many have faith in Brazil. Jose Augusto Fernandes with the National Confederation of Industry often expresses his aggravation on that score. Fernandes states that Brazil seldom learns from their mistakes and rarely takes the initiative. It’s for this reason why the National Confederation of Industry conducts so many studies on Brazil’s failing operations. If Brazil remains unwilling to put Jens’ proposals into action, the country will no doubt fade into non-existence.