The Iconic Jana Lightspeed

Jana Messerschmidt Lightspeed is an investor at Lightspeed Ventures Partners based in San Francisco in the United States, an American Venture capital firm that focuses on investing in consumer space and enterprise technology at an early stage.

Jana Lightspeed joined Lightspeed ventures investing team after being an investor and advisor for early stages companies for many years. Jana has held different positions in different companies over the years. She has also played different roles in the fields of engineering, sales and marketing and also in business development among others throughout her occupation and all this role have been at high growth companies such as Twitter among others.

Jana Lightspeed has been working with companies that have invested in both technologies and in the business field for her whole career. Her interest in the field of technology was evident after receiving her bachelor of science in Computer Engineering from Illinois University in Urbana-Champaign and she started venturing in technology.

Jana Lightspeed later worked as the vice president of the Global Business Development and platform Twitter. At this firm, her responsibilities included planning for a strategic partnership, partner engineering, platform marketing, enterprise sales and developer relations.

Before joining Twitter, Jana was the Director of Business Development at Netflix where her main responsibility was on building the company’s early streaming partnership. Jana cofounded a company named Angels in 2915. The company is for collective investments that are aimed at getting as many women as possible on the successful cap tables for their startups in their venture.

Jana has been passionate in the event hosting and community building, network diversification and to promote women in the frontier fields for shaping their economic status. Lightspeed has been fighting for the under-representation of women in different fields and she has been fighting for them to be included in wealth creation in all industries.