The Face of Roberto Santiago Manaira-Roberto Santiago.

Whenever the word Roberto Santiago comes up, it automatically reminds us of the Robert Santiago Mall in Brazil. The mall is one of the greatest recreation facilities. It is evident a lot of thought was put into use while developing the mall. The Iconic figure behind the founding and growth of the mall. Santiago was born on July 16, 1958.He schooled in Pio X Marist College and later went to the University where he acquired a degree in Business Administration.

Roberto Santiago is an exceptional entrepreneur in that unlike other investors, who find a market niche and setup their business there; Roberto Santiago always had a passionate and dream of developing his residence. The Maniara owner has lived in Maniara all his life and wanted to give the area a complete package for leisure purposes, such that they would never need to travel in search of fun.

Santiago is currently one of the prominent entrepreneurs in Brazil. He began as a blogger who made him well known, due to his informative and entertaining articles he wrote. The other factor that contributed to his popularity is the Mangabeira Shopping mall. However, it is the Maniara mall that led to his publicity.

The Maniara enterprise was initiated in 1989.The mall is located in Paraiba nation, Brazil. It is positioned in the center of Joao Pessoa making it easy for everyone in the city. Whether you are looking for food, clothing, art or general shopping; Maniara mall got you covered.

Robert Santigo gave the people of Paraiba the ideal place to quench their thirst for fun. The residents go to the mall for all kind of entertainment. There is a center for kids to play, a department where couples go for romantic dates to rekindle their love and occasionally there are concerts. The mall is big such that it is considered a small city. Besides the recreational activities, the mall hosts colleges and banks. The mall can take care of all your daily needs.

The reason why the center is popular among the society members as a center of watching concerts is that they get to choose the movie they want to watch in 3D.There is also the provision of refreshments to enjoy as the watch. The Domus Hall, which is in this mall is the entertainment hub. Domus has a capacity of 8000 people. It’s popularly used for exhibitions, live concerts, and cultural festivals. For those interested in familiarizing with Brazilian culture, this should be your next stop.

The Santiagos investment has attracted other investors in the area. Santiago’s business has led to economic growth of the area. The members have benefited in that they have wide varieties to choose from for their shopping. Some of the society members have also helped through the creation of employment.

Roberto Santiago is an exceptional entrepreneur whose example should be followed. As the proverb goes “Charity Begins at home.” It is important for investors to start by developing their home area before spreading to other regions.


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