The Explosive Growth of Sweetgreen and Co-CEO Nathaniel Ru

There is always somebody ready and willing to change the industry, that is why the farm-to-table salad chain Sweetgreen came out of the gates at full speed. Sweetgreen is one of America’s more intriguing startups and the high-end restaurant is gaining ground all over the United States.

Started in the Northeast, out of a little space in downtown Washington, Sweetgreen has become something of a trending mainstay in quick dining. Sweetgreen seeks to be the answer to high end, tasty organic food for people who are hungry and on the go — a niche that is notoriously under-serviced.

Sweetgreen was born out of a dorm shared by three students who were attending Georgetown University together. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru were three students studying at Georgetown University and they all shared a class together on entrepreneurship.

Most students don’t know exactly what they are going to do after graduation, but these three settled in on the idea of starting their own company — and that’s exactly what they did.

Sweetgreen came about like it was nurtured by a close group of family members and that is essentially how the company continues to operate to this day. The trio of students may have conceptualized what they wanted to make but it would take nearly 30 friends and family members in order to fund the startup.

While Sweetgreen started in a small space on M Street in Washington, it certainly didn’t stay that way. Thanks to an explosion in growth due to funding from prominent venture capitalists, Sweetgreen will now be opening up their 40th store by the end of 2017. In fact, Sweetgreen is already stretching their borders away from their roots — the company recently opened up a corporate office in Los Angeles. Read more; Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

Though the company has been in business since 2007 the founders still look like they are fresh out of school. Despite their young appearance, each member of the Sweetgreen CEO group knows how far they have come and how much they still have to learn.

Nathaniel Ru says that he would go back in time, “I’d tell myself to read more books, even more than you think you have time for.”

Ru also points to companies like Under Armour and CEO Kevin Plank as a guidepost for what Sweetgreen is trying to accomplish. Ru says of Under Armour, “It’s a company that stands for something bigger than itself.”

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