Sussex Healthcare

Sussex is a non-governmental organization in Britain which was established 25 years ago. The health center was started with an aim of providing health care and home to the aged who are mostly neglected in the society. Sussex’s main offices are located in Tyden house which is in West Sussex. However, the clinic has other branches all over the city of Sussex. This non-profit making organization was established by two doctors who are currently part of the board. These doctors are Shiraz and Shafik.

Services offered at Sussex Healthcare
The healthcare aims at ensuring that the aged get all kinds of therapies that can improve their lives. Reflexology, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and occupational therapy among others. Apart from the therapies each of the homes has different recreational services offered for the aged.

Sussex’s new CEO

Recently, the healthcare family has welcomed their new CEO with a blast. Amanda Morgan has been in the health sector for over a decade and has vast of experience. Amanda started her career as a mental nurse in 1984. She has served in both public and private sectors mostly in the mental health which is her area of specialization. The successful physicians are known for working with organizations in solving operational challenges and confidence building according to This was not the first time that Amanda has been involved with Sussex healthcare, she has been assisting in the running of the clinic and creating a rapport with both employees and patients. Amanda says that she is excited about her new job and looks forward to leading the healthcare into beneficial partnerships all over the globe that will lead to its development. She plans on paying visits to all the clinic’s branches, meeting relatives of the aged as a way of improving the bonding as a family.

Sussex Healthcare Jobs
Apart from making the lives of the aged better, Sussex Healthcare believes in improving the living standards of people in its surroundings. The company does so by providing employment both formal and manual to the people. Some of the jobs available in the healthcare include; Truck drivers, operators for dryers, tractor drivers, technologists in radiologic, assistant manager, mental nurses, accountants, kitchen assistants, support workers and housekeepers among others. The organization’s employee’s under full-time employment will reside in the health care at servants rooms which are offered for free. Anyone applying for a job at the healthcare must prove that he or she is able to handle the aged who needs lots of patience.

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