Stream Energy

Today’s corporate news would have many believe that the business world climate is self-involved, and unaware of the needs of their community and lacking in compassion. However, that is not the case, especially with Stream Energy, a Dallas, Texas-based corporation that has been trailblazing the philanthropic path with enormous success.

Consider that the number of homeless steadily rises for various reasons and the impact on the communities they live in affects not just the families but everyone in the community including businesses, schools, and local government. Companies such as Stream Energy realize the impact on the lives of their customers from natural disasters, loss of income and more, can result in devastating circumstances. Their corporate program includes assisting within the communities they serve with employees volunteering their time, corporate sponsoring of events for children, veterans and their families and working with other organizations such as Hope Supply Co.

Stream Energy directors and corporate leadership have found a way to encourage their employees to give back to their community through efforts to assist local homeless; tracking the numbers, needs and giving directly through grassroots campaigns. Since they began in 2005, working with other charitable organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity Stream Energy has demonstrated the willingness and ability to assist making it a true community-based business.

The Stream Cares Foundation is tireless in their efforts via Stream Cares providing telemedicine, known as Virtual MD, with no-fee consultations with local physicians with no insurance requirements necessary. Combine this with their monthly payment plan options for customers, discounted rates and more, the company is proven to truly care about the community they serve.

With thousands aided through their philanthropic efforts, Stream Energy’s direct selling associates, its employees, business partners and families continue to support their neighbors and community members through heartfelt giving. The company encourages their independent associates to grow and prosper offering opportunities for their female associates through the Women of Power organization.

Providing hope, guidance, in-kind donations, time, funding and sponsorship are various ways that the company has aided in relief within their communities.