Securus Technologies Clears the Road

Securus Technologies is a leading communications provider for law enforcement agencies, safety organizations, and corrections facilities. They currently serve over 3,400 clients and 1.2 million inmates all across the North American Continent. By providing a daily method of contact for incarcerated individuals and their families, Securus has changed forever the dynamic of prison habitation and communications to the outside world.


When people utilize communications services, they won’t use them again on a regular basis unless they are satisfied with them. That is why Securus works with millions of people on a regular basis as the satisfaction rate is unbelievable. All devices such as Androids, iPhones, tablets and all landline phone systems work with the Securus hookup provided.


There are several payment plans available including prepaid calling, direct billing, collect calling and inmate debit where the inmate is responsible for paying the phone charges. There is also a video calling plan which allows for the callers to see each other while talking. It is necessary to have a webcam set up at both ends of the call for this, and it is a very popular plan.


There is also Jail Voicemail, email and a special money transfer system. The users of this service are very satisfied and for a company to actively service as many users as they do is a remarkable feat.


Recently, a competitor, GTL, has birthed ridiculous and fabricated stories about how much better their service and pricing is compared to Securus. The supposed “facts” and example are so far off base that they could have come from the Wicked Witch of the West. There is no more truth in their exaggerated claims that there was in Lucky Luciano.


The tirade ended, however when Securus challenged GTL to lay out their metrics with proof side by side with Securus, with the result to be monitored by a disinterested third party. Once that was out in the open, the event was over, as GTL declined to participate.




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