Securus Technologies At The Forefront Of Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is a company with a long record of innovative solutions pertaining to matters of law enforcement, public safety, and the facilitation of payment services in correctional institutions. Recently, the company announced that it has developed a pilot program that will make use of drone detection technology to combat the growing threat that drones pose to the security of the nation’s prisons and jails.


Drones have been used in the recent past to introduce a host of illegal contraband into correctional facilities. Officials at various jails or prisons have reported drones being used to illegally transfer cell phones, drugs, and even deadly weapons to the facilities at which they work.


Securus Technologies has spent the last year and a half doing the necessary research on drone detection technology and evaluating potential partners to help them with the task of keeping correctional facilities safe from drones.


A spokesman for the company admits that the present technology is in its early stages but notes that continuous progress is being made as trials are identifying both the strengths and weaknesses in regards to the solutions currently on the table. The spokesman explained that employees with Securus have worked closely with partners to establish the requirements to make these drone detection programs operational.


The company’s drone detection devices will make use of technology that closely resembles the digital antennae structure technology that powers Securus’ highly successful Wireless Containment System.


The ability to detect the use of drones at correctional facilities is seen as a top priority as these drones pose a threat to both the security of correctional officials and the inmates that reside in these facilities.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has its center of operations in Carrollton, Texas and provides services to over 3500 facilities across the nation housing over one million inmates. The company supports these facilities by providing a number of valuable functions such as emergency response, information management, inspection of services and products that target correctional facilities, payment services, and others. The mission of Securus Technologies is to provide viable solutions to customers while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved in the process.