Roseann Bennett Talks About Telemedicine

At times, giving back to the society is something that is of great importance. As for Roseann Bennett, she is the co-founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment; a not for profit organization meant to help those who are in need of mental treatment.


Background Data


Career-wise, Roseann Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She took a course in family therapy and marriage from Seton Hall University. Additionally, she is a Certified Child and Adolescent as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.


Although the Center for Treatment and Assessment took time to establish, Roseann Bennett is passionate about this specific organization and the good work that it is doing. Together with her husband Dr. Todd Bennett, they are dedicated to offering assistance to people who are in need of help regarding their mental health. The aid is offered toll-free regardless of the financial status of the individual.


Additional Information


Far from being a dedicated philanthropist, Roseann Bennett is also a renowned entrepreneur. Her efforts towards tirelessly working with the sole aim of making a change regarding how mental therapy is handled are paying off. Additionally, Roseann Bennett is also striving to make sure that these services are readily available to everyone.

Since mental health is a sensitive issue, Mental Health Awareness Week is always held annually. During the recent Mental Health Awareness Week, Roseann Bennett decided to unleash telemedicine. Telemedicine is a new trend that is meant to change the manner in which the mental therapy is handled.




With the advent of telemedicine, it will be easier to engage your therapist through the use of text, email, or even platforms such as Skype. Well, many may think that telemedicine will bring about the end of face-to-face care, but that is not the case. Face to face sessions are quite advantageous, and they should not come to an end even if telemedicine has come about. See This Page for additional information.