Roberto Santiago Has Learned What Works For Business

From a young age, Roberto Santiago knew that he was destined to be a businessman. He worked hard on his first business when he was still in school and he was able to see a lot of success with that business. It was a shipping carton business and he knew that it was something that would work well for him. He saw that there was a need for an innovating shipping solution and he took advantage of that need. He developed the cardboard box that was able to be used for shipping and the way that it was folded was something that people had never seen before. He marketed himself and saw a huge amount of success with the box. Roberto Santiago made a lot of money before he decided to sell the shipping container business for a large profit and begin working on other ventures that he had in business.

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By this time, Roberto Santiago was an adult and knew that he could do more with what he had to offer the world. He also knew that developing properties was something that was a great opportunity and something that many people were successful with. Roberto Santiago wanted to see where he could go with property development and figure out the right way to make sure that his development company was going to be successful. He used the same type of marketing that he did with the shipping business and that helped him to make sure that his developments were going to be successful.

To this date, the most successful development option that he did was the Manaira Mall. This mall was a huge mall and one of the largest in Brazil. It was something that he built during the late 1980’s and it has undergone so many transformations during that time. It was successful then and it continues to draw in huge crowds on a yearly basis. In fact, the average amount of traffic that the mall gets each year is around 2 million people which is a much higher number than most of the other malls in the state of Brazil that it is located in.

Roberto Santiago knows that the key to be successful is always improving the mall. He wants to show people that they can benefit from everything that the mall has to offer and that they will be able to get more out of the different options that are offered. He has made improvements like adding space, creating a rooftop concert hall and modernizing the features of the mall. All of these have contributed to a higher than average traffic number and to people having a lot of respect for the mall and the area it is in. Read more articles on

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