Robert Ivy Recommends Joining Up With A Professional Organization

Robert Ivy is currently working as the CEO for the American Institute of Architects, or AIA for short. Robert has been focused on the field of architecture since he was young and he currently maintains a masters degree in architecture.

Along with his position as CEO for the AIA, Robert is also an editor for the Architectural Record and has been with the company for more than 20 years. Robert is a leading representative of the architecture industry for his accomplishments as well as his contributions to other individuals and organizations. Since his time in college, Robert Ivy has been earning recognition and awards for his skills. The Alpha Rho Chi fraternity for architecture even gave him the title of Master Architect for his unique designs and perfectionist attitude.

Among his various accomplishments throughout his career, Robert was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. This award is specific to Mississippi natives that have made major contributions to their industry, usually in arts or performance. Because of this, many of the individuals that have received this award are also celebrities. Robert Ivy is the first architect to ever win the award since its inception due to his extraordinary desire to help others and improve his entire field. The president of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters even spoke highly of Robert Ivy for his desire to help everyone improve, not just himself and his career.

The American Institute of Architects has seen various improvements since Robert Ivy took up his position as CEO of AIA in 2011. Today, Robert is tenured at the AIA and he aims to bring in as many new members as possible to help the organization grow and spread their message. According to Robert, he has been trying to help as many members and aspiring professionals as possible through his own knowledge to become successful, most notably joining a professional organization such as the AIA. By joining a professional organization, new professionals can improve their own credentials and build more relationships with similar or different industry experts.

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