Randal Nardone is still the Principal of Fortress under Softbank

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of the fortress investment group. they founded this bank in 1998 with the aim of providing alternative banking service to its clients. The bank serves both international and local investors in real estate, hedge fund financial services among many others.

The bank and the leadership of Randal Nardone as the chief executive officers have grown drastically. The headquarters of fortress investment group is located in New York City. He started serving as the chief executive officer in 2013.

He serves as the fortress credit cooperation principal. He has seen the company undergo several changes including the establishment of other companies under its umbrella. The main development the company did was the sell to the Softbank. This has been Randal Nardone vision for a long time. See more on Wikipedia.

Fortress investment and the Softbank

It was announced that finally, fortress investment had become one of the Softbank’s holdings. The decision was reached after several meetings with the shareholders. They concluded that every shareholder in the first class, A would get in cash $8.08 per share. The remaining shareholders will be given their dues basing on the regulations stated in the fortress investment policies.

The employers under fortress investment group to continue working in their current position unless otherwise. Randal Nardone and his fellow Principals will continue operating under the umbrella of Softbank. The bank will continue to run its New York-based headquarters independently.

What is Softbank?

This is an international player in technology aimed at driving the information revolution. This group is made up of the Softbank Corp and other portfolio companies. Telecoms, smart robots, clean energy providers and internet services are among the companies that make up Softbank group.

Fortress investment group employees’ feedback

Many people have worked under the leadership of Randal Nardone. They praise the company for the ample working environment at the company. Besides, the management motivates innovation employees and exposes them to a wide range of management services. The pay is excellent and prompt. This company is good for hardworking and outward thinkers for it exposes one to a vast of challenging tasks. The most innovative employee is rewarded.

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