Kim Dao Has A Doggie Fun Day

Kim Dao and her boyfriend is on the way to grab a late lunch because she spent the morning editing a video. Their plans for the day consists of relaxing in the city, and having KFC for dinner with friends. Kim Dao has a taste for Australian food, trying not to have anything full of oil because of the dinner plans for KFC. Shortly, she decides to have a meat pie for lunch. She has a huge craving for one. She purchased two different pies, “Morning Glory” and “Spud Deluxe.” Then they went shopping at a few stores. Kim Dao shows her outfit for the day while she tries on clothes in the fitting room. They decided to take a break and have a few coffee drinks. Learn more:

They ordered the big feast from KFC that cost about $40. It has sides, gravy, and chicken nuggets. They are headed to their friend’s house. The cat does a few tricks. They all sit down to eat dinner. Learn more:

It is 3 am. Kim Dao forgot to film the rest of the night because she was having so much fun with her friends. They did Karaoke. She is headed to bed. In the morning, she plans to spend more time with her boyfriend, have a dog playdate, and dinner with her

It is the next day, Kim Dao has a burrito. The dogs play together. Kim Dao ends the day with dinner at Tony Romas. She plays with her dog.

Check out her video here.

  1. Cara Ronan says:

    Not everyone is aware what is going on in the industry based on what they are looking for in celeb videos like this. It is more or less likely that that can always have impact on the likes of people. Why this should be common, it is because there are way more people who love pets that they are happy with the show.

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