Kevin Seawright A Leader For Urban Economic Development and Positive Growth

Kevin Seawright has a had a lengthy tenure in the world of finance and management. He got his start working in government in Baltimore, Maryland. After ten years, Kevin had earned several awards, and sharpened his prowess in financial management.

His expertise was richly developed, thanks to spending time in positions within both the public and private sector. Currently Kevin Seawright is the CFO and Executive Vice President of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Under his position, Kevin seeks to develop small businesses and stimulate economic growth throughout Newark. Plans which involve the development and expansion of Wi-Fi access, utilizing employment programs, and enriching transportation are all vital methods to better the city.

Kevin is devoted to assisting the growth of urban cities, in order to foster positive changes for residents, and implement creative solutions. Job generation, and sustaining incoming economic growth and stability, are key elements to Seawright’s plans for Newark. Consequently, he works alongside the Department of Economic and Housing Development. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin Seawright has enjoyed implementing positive changes for urban development and residents, within the cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and now Newark. He is heavily involved in programs that help empower communities, utilizing both formal and online education.

Kevin used the knowledge he gained, while taking a course at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, regarding Executive Leadership to fuel his directives. Developing plans which are founded on positive transformation, fund raising strategies, and maintaining competitiveness to grow have worked quite well.

Kevin Seawright was raised in Philadelphia, and is an enthusiastic fan of basketball and other sports. His involvement with youth summer programs, is a memory which has encouraged his chosen career path.

Kevin Seawright has coached youth sports, and has served as a member on various boards and professional organizations, such as the Babe Ruth Museum and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Mr. Seawright has a Masters degree in Business Administration in Accounting.

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