JD.com Is Successful Because Of Smart Thinking And Partnerships

JD.com has partnered with the Transformers Franchise and the toy company Hasbro to create some special things in promotion of Bumblebee. JD.com is a large retailer in China, and it has come together with these other brands to create a Red Knight Transformers bot. The toy was released in December of 2018, and it is only available for a short time. And, it is only available through Jingdong. And, the company announced that it would be having sales and promotions to promote the new toy and the Transformers movie, as well.

In 2017, Jingdong first made a connection to both Hasbro and Transformers. The company created a mini short with the companies, and it has now created three new mini shorts with them. The shorts were done in partnership with HLA and Panasonic, as well. The shorts are about the Transformers and were made to build excitement for the movie, Bumblebee.

Jingdong has been in operation since 1998, when it started out with one man’s savings as a small retail shop. It has since grown to be China’s largest retailer, and that is in part because of the way that the founder fought back during hard times in his country. In 2003, the SARS outbreak happened, and the founder decided to take his company to the internet. JD.com wasn’t the name of the website initially, but the first website went up in 2004. And, with that, the company quickly grew. It sells a variety of products, including home furnishing and electronics. And, it also sells apparel and food. The company has so much available that it draws customers with every kind of need. And, it is able to sell outside of China with JD Worldwide. The company is big on innovation and using technology, and it is always introducing new technology to its customers.

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