Ignition Financial Lowered My Interest Rates When I Refinanced My Car With Them

Sharing a car with my mother was just too much of a hassle, so I went out and finally was able to purchase my own car. I didn’t have a credit history that was worthy of bragging about, but it was good enough to help me get a car at a 21% interest rate. I was hoping to pay no more than 20% for interest, but I took what I could get. After entire year and a half of paying on my car loan, it was my mother who told me that refinancing the car would be a good idea.


I wasn’t even certain where to go to, so the first thing I did was to talk to the lender who was financing my car to ask them if they could lower my interest rate, but that conversation didn’t go over very well. My mother gave me the website information for Ignition Financial because she told me a friend of hers had refinanced her own car with them, and she had so many good things to say about the company.


When I visited the Ignition Financial website, there was an online application available, so I filled it out. After filling out the application, I was contacted by Ignition Financial directly, and I was encouraged to come to their offices as soon as possible. I made time to go to their offices the next week, and I wish I had gone a bit sooner because the entire meeting went smoothly and very quickly.


The professional I spoke with was so helpful, and they suggested two different lenders to me because they felt they would be in my best interest. Looking over both lenders, one offered me a rate of 17%, but the other was able to offer a 15% interest rate, so I went with the company that was offering me the lower rate. I liked the terms that I was given with the 15% interest rate, so I signed all the paperwork and accepted the refinancing terms. I really wanted to slash my payments, which is why I refinanced, but Ignition Financial made it so easy.


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