How The EOS Founders Revolutionized The Lip Balm Aisle

Lip balm never was fun before EOS, despite the fact that millions of women use it as part of their beauty routine every day. Alleviating dry lips was almost a clinical process, and Chapstick and Burt’s Bees, who both manufactured very similar tubes of lip balm, had the market cornered. Upstart brand EOS lip balm decided that they would break the mold, literally, and create a new lip balm that would be fun to use.

In an exclusive Fast Company interview, EOS co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller discussed how they decided to focus on creating a design that would appeal to women, since existing lip balms were boring unisex products.

Putting a great deal of thought into the shape of their lip balm container, the founders finally chose the orb shape, which is fun to hold. They also created exciting flavors that smelled delicious, however, they discovered that it wasn’t easy to get on store shelves. Finally, a female buyer for Walgreens found the $3.00 orbs intriguing; Target and Walmart soon started stocking EOS as well.

Using the latest marketing tactics, see, EOS courted beauty bloggers and secured product placements. It wasn’t long before millennial celebrities were photographed pulling out the distinctive sphere, something that Chapstick and Burt’s Bees could not accomplish. Now that copycat versions of lip balm are showing up in the market, the EOS lip balm founders have proof that women were desperate for a new lip balm.

EOS products are available online thru and

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