How Malcolm Casselle Is Transforming The Gamers’ Online Bazaar

The internet has contributed to the rapid growth of different sectors. It has impacted on the nature of transactions made both physically and virtually. Several companies have embraced the digital currency, which operates as a medium of exchange for online deals. Malcolm Casselle is particularly optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency. According to him, the digital currency is not just a medium of exchange but also a business in itself.

Malcolm serves as the CIO of OPSkins, a platform that has helped him improve the experience of the online gamers. The firm has provided gamers from the different parts of the world with a marketplace where they can trade without fear of losing their monies or items. OPSkins operates as a third party, where it receives items released by potential sellers and protects the buyers. It also receives money from the buyers through their OPSkins accounts. Both parties then wait for OPSkins to facilitate the transaction by releasing both cash and items to the respective parties.

Casselle’s Highlights on Valve’s Reaction

Valve is a venture that was commonly known in the gaming fraternity. However, they had a loophole that OPSkins identified and bridged. Most gamers are not willing to wait for a seven-day trading hold period while OPSkins gives them a more convenient option. A rivalry was looming when former clients of Valve discovered the convenience of transacting through OPSkins and started switching to the later. The perceived value for items at Valve decreased significantly. Painfully, they continued to forcefully retain clients trading on their platform by blocking the trading bots. Malcolm describes this move as selfish; it lacks the best interest of their clients at heart.

With WAX Came Better Opportunities

After that experience with Valve, Casselle got inspired to develop a decentralized platform that would be equally effective without giving fraudsters a loophole. The platform allows traders to transact on a purposeful implicit marketplace without investing any amount in security, processing of payments, or infrastructure. Malcolm Casselle hints that something better for video gamers across the world is cooking. WAX is an embodiment of a colossal shift in how the video game sector is operating. It seems to be disrupting OPSkins now that it is decentralized whereas OPSkins is centralized. With Malcolm Casselle at the helm of the company, clients’ experience can only get better.