How Fabletics Has Taken On The Fashion Industry Leaders

Fabletics is a women’s clothing brand that has seen outstanding success since it was first introduced in 2013. In its first three years, it grew into a $250 million brand that offers its members fashionable activewear at affordable prices. Fabletics was co-developed by actress Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group which owns other brands such as JustFab and Shoe Dazzle.

In addition to being an e-retailer, Fabletics is now driving the brand further by opening retail stores around the country. One thing that many retailers fear is showrooming, where customers browse products in-store but then go online to purchase it at a cheaper price. Due to Fabletics starting out as an online store, they reversed this practice into what is called reverse showrooming. The company doesn’t care if customers buy clothing in one of their retail stores or online because the end result is the same. Other advantages of the retail stores include the company building better relationships with their customers and also the fact that 25% of shoppers at their stores sign up to become members while in the store.

When signing up to become a member of Fabletics, during the process you fill out a Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz helps to determine the person’s fashion sensibilities and what appeals to them. This helps out both the company and the member. For the member, they are given the convenience of having clothing shown to them which they will like. For the company, through the quiz they are better able to know their customers and respond to fashion trends. As Fabletics also produces the clothes they sell, this gives them a way to know what appeals to customers so they know what to make.

One of the members of Fabletics is the blogger who operates the website “A Foodie Stays Fit“. She wrote an unsponsored opinion piece about her experiences with Fabletics. In her review, she broke her opinion down among four areas; style, quality, customer service, and finally value. The styles Fabletic’s offers she found were great and she said there was a large variety to fit every women’s tastes. She also said the quality was very good and exceeded her expectations. Customer service she said could use improvements such as issues with exchanges. Overall she said Fabletics value is quite high as you get good, fashionable clothing at prices that are much more competitive than their competitors.

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