Eva Moskowitz and the Creation of Success Academy

There is a lot of interest in what Eva Moskowitz has done for the city of New York. She has become a leader in education, and people are praising her education reform strategies. There are a lot of children in New York City that are benefiting from what she has managed to bring to the table with Success Academy. This is the charter school that has managed to shine as one of the brightest spots in the NYC education system.


It is interesting to see how she has been able to build a better education system in New York, and much of this has to do with the fact that she was a product of this education system. Eva Moskowitz has always felt like she did not actually learn much of anything in this school system. That is why she has taken so much time to make sure that this new generation wouldn’t fall behind. She wanted children in New York to have a better system than the one that she had in place in her formative years.


Eva Moskowitz is also an author. She has been able to express her thoughts through books like “In Therapy We Trust: America’s Obsession With Self Fulfillment” and “Mission Possible.” These are the areas where she has managed to build a platform for her expression of what it takes to build a better education system.


Eva has given so many people access to a better education through Success Academy. More than 90% of the kids that attend these schools are African Americans, and this is proof that these kids have become overachievers in some areas of testing. The learning environment has made a big difference in the school system, and that is reason that the Success Academy works. It is a different vibe, and Eva Moskowitz has always believed that this would be the thing that would tip the scales in education.


Eva Moskowitz is more than just another advocate of education reform. She is an activist that has decided to do something about it. She has improved upon a broken system with her own school system.

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