Doe Deere Proves That It’s Good to Be Different

Many people want to blend into the crowd, or at least they think they do. In reality, there are a lot of individuals that either have a strong desire to be different because they want to be true to themselves, or they simply realize that they are different no matter how hard they try to fit in with everyone else. It is an unfortunate fact that in today’s society, being different can often be labeled as a bad thing, as if something is wrong with that particular individual. Fortunately, there are some brave souls out there in the world that make it a point to teach others that being different is not just okay, but it can be a very good thing indeed.


A perfect example is Doe Deere, a young woman who has seen more than her fair share of success with her cosmetics and fashion company that she calls Lime Crime. As a matter of fact, she has taken that company and used it as a flagship for being different. Since that is the reason that she created the company to begin with, it only makes sense that she would utilize her success to further propel her image of being different. The thing that really makes her stand out is that she is different on purpose and she embraces it by choice.


Years ago, she made the decision that she did not want to be like everyone else. In fact, the last thing she wanted was to be yet one more individual that looked and acted exactly like practically everyone around her ( The very idea of doing so practically made her stomach turn. She wondered how she would ever express herself as an individual if she had to be like everyone else. Realizing that by her very nature, her existence as a human being made her unique, and therefore different, she made the choice to embrace those differences and then decided to do something to call attention to them for the whole world to see.


While she made her choice to stand out from the crowd using things like fashion and cosmetics, she realizes that every individual has their own way of expressing their differences from other people. She allows individuals the same tools that she utilizes if they choose to use cosmetics to express their uniqueness but she also fully understand that there are an infinite number of ways to do exactly that. Now that she is a successful entrepreneur, she has made it her point in life to help other people understand that instead of fearing their differences, they should be embracing them because that is what makes each person special.


When it is all said and done, every person should be proud to be different. There is nothing honorable in blindly following everyone else along without the ability to express one’s opinions or unique personality for fear of being singled out. Thanks to individuals like Doe Deere, it is much easier for young people to realize this because they see other successful people who are already doing it. Thanks to her message of embracing uniqueness, it makes it easier for other people who are struggling with their own identity to realize that they don’t have to be like anyone but themselves.




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