Customer Comments on Securus Technologies Crime Control Services

Securus technologies is a pioneering company in providing civil and criminal justice. The company is profound in evidence based crime management using high technology. Securus is highly committed to make sure that public safety is enforced through correctional facilities and other investigational bodies. The company offers a range of services to its clients, some of whom have expressed total satisfaction through the company’s feedback program.


Moreover,Securus has made incarceration facilities safer for workers and detainee as well. Through various technological solutions, Securus is particularly committed to protect the rights of the innocent. The company runs on an innovative program that enables it to regularly come up with unique services.


Richard Smith serves at Securus technologies as the chair and chief executive officer. Richard has managed to foster strong customer trust in various services offered at the company. Many correctional facilities now depend on Securus for safety and other related information solutions.


One customer thanked secures for providing them with a recorded phone call. The information enabled them to secure a search warrant, eventually they were able to arrest one member of the staff who was corrupt. Another client also complimented secures of their innovative solutions in making sure there is security in all correctional facilities. Further, the client was pleased that they were finally able to monitor the alcohol use, threats, drug selling, suspicious conversations and illegal cellular phone access by any of the inmates. This smart monitoring has restored the required levels of safety and confidence in their correctional facility.


Securus Technologies offer its services to more than 3450 correctional agencies that include public safety and law enforcement. The firm also offers its services to 1,200,000 inmates in northern America. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offers emergence response, biometric analysis, incident management, informational management, communication, public investigation services to its clients.

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