Bruce Bent II And The Money Market Fund

Money market funds are open-ended mutual funds people use to invest in U.S. Treasury bills, commercial paper and other short-term debt securities. Money market funds are considered to be as safe as depositing money in the bank, but they provide a higher yield. The funds are an important tool for providing financial intermediaries with the liquidity they need. In the United States money market funds are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940. The most common types of money market funds are Prime money funds, Government and Treasury money funds, Tax-exempt money funds, Institutional money funds and Retail money funds.

American businessman Bruce Bent II  who as in-depth knowledge of money market funds, retirement services and qualified plans. A graduate of Northeastern University and chairman of the Double Rock Corporation, Bent II’s creativity has brought innovating concepts to the financial industry.

Bent II is  involved in many entrepreneurial projects, some including asset management, intellectual property, business consulting, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization that connects young peers  and business leaders worldwide.  Bruce Bent II is also a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan.

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