Anthony Constantinou: Revolutionizing Decision Making


Anthony Constantinou is currently a lecturer and Head of the Bayesian Artifical Intelligence Lab at the Queen Mary University in London. He received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Queen Mary University in 2012. His degree was mainly focused on Bayesian networks. His prior degrees assist in his knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Artifical Intelligence, received in 2009, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, received in 2008. Both degrees were earned at the University of Hertfordshire.


Constantinou has used his knowledge and expertise to create methods to problem solve and aid our world in decision making. A few areas he has helped in are in the sports field, specifically football, and in the medical field. He uses his Bayesian networking to assist with predictions on which football teams will advance. Many have used his methods to forecast which teams will advance. In the medical field, Constantinou’s Bayesian Networking assists with finding the missing links as well as contradictory statements in patient questionnaires or interviews. This has helped medical professionals make more precise decisions. He also assisted in areas of finance, gaming, and economics. Go Here to learn more.


His website shares formulas to assist those in gambling or finance trading to assess their risk as well as the likelihood that certain events may take place in card games. Anthony Constantinou has researched and published articles on probability, Bayesian networks, knowledge engineering, uncertainty qualification, decision sciences, risk analytics, data mining, game theory, data engineering, artificial intelligence, causal discovery, statistics, machine learning, and causality.


Anthony Constantinou has revolutionized decision making in the United Kingdom. His knowledge and the publications that he has completed have assisted many in problem-solving and decision making in sports, finances, housing markets, and medical decisions.


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